So many books, so little time!

Opinions on books are as vast as the number of people that read them. So this is a disclaimer: I don’t promise you’ll love these books! However, we’ve read a lot of books in our day and there are certainly some worth mentioning. If something listed isn’t to your liking or you don’t think you’ll enjoy it, feel free to ignore it!! But we thought we’d share some of the books we’ve read and give you a little blurb on why we liked it.

I buy almost all my books on Amazon. The biggest reason is that I download a lot of them now which saves me a lot of pounds in my suitcase each trip! Please keep in mind too, that you can support Global Lutheran Outreach (GLO) through Amazon! If you type into the URL rather than just, you can designate $.50 of every $100 purchase to go to GLO.  It may not seem earth-shattering, but every little bit helps!  You can do this for all products, not just books.

If you read a book that you think it just fantastic and could uplift or inform the Body of Christ, let us know!